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Northern sennet (northern barracuda), Sphyraena borealis
Subject: Northern sennet (northern barracuda), Sphyraena borealis
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Northern sennet (northern barracuda), Sphyraena borealis

Northern sennet, Sphyraena borealis (a barracuda species)


The northern sennet, Sphyraena borealis, is an ocean-going species of fish in the barracuda family, Sphyraenidae. It was described by the American zoologist James Ellsworth De Kay in 1842. De Kay's description was part of several volumes he published regarding the fauna of New York from 1842-1849. Northern sennet are also known as northern barracuda. While generally considered a gamefish it has only rarely been used as food by humans. (from wikipedia)

Sphyraena borealis
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