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Chrysiptera taupou (Southseas devil, Fiji damsel)
Subject: Chrysiptera taupou (Southseas devil, Fiji damsel)
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Chrysiptera taupou (Southseas devil, Fiji damsel)

English: Chrysiptera taupou. south seas devil
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Author NPS photo by Paul Brown

Chrysiptera taupou, known commonly as the southseas devil, southseas demoiselle, and Fiji damsel, is a species of damselfish. It is native to the western Pacific Ocean from the Coral Sea to Samoa. This fish reaches about 8 centimeters in length. Habitat types include reefs and lagoons. The fish pairs up to breed and the male guards and tends the eggs. Order: Perciformes, Family: Pomacentridae, Genus: Chrysiptera, Species: Chrysiptera taupou Jordan & Seale, 1906.

Southseas demoiselle
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