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Lesser Sooty Owl-Australia
Subject: Lesser Sooty Owl-Australia
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Lesser Sooty Owl-from Australia-at tree hole entrance-by Fiona Anderson.jpg
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Lesser Sooty Owl-Australia

by David Hollands

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Lesser Sooty-owl (Tyto multipunctata) lives in the wet tropics region of Australia. Like other birds of prey the female (37 cm) is bigger than the male (33 cm). The lesser sooty-owl is part of the masked group of owls an important part of the environment because they are efficient predators that keep down rodent populations. They feed mostly on animals like rats, bandicoots, and other rodents, but occasionally eat arboreal animals like birds and flying squirrels. Lesser sootys live long and have low-production rates with a breeding season from January to August. They are classified as common even though they have a limited habitat range. Lesser Sooty-Owls are protected animals in Australia where they live.

This taxon is considered a subspecies of Tyto tenebricosa by some authors.

Sooty owl
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