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Alligator and Common Snapping Turtles 2
Subject: Alligator and Common Snapping Turtles 2
Poster: John White (
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Alligator and Common Snapping Turtles 2

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John White
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From: Peter Miko
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 13:30:44 -0500
Subject: a6/snappers06-Alligator_and_Common_Snapping_Turtles-by_John_White.jpg

I was just wondering why the common snapper is always bigger than the
alligator snapper that is not the
way it goes.The alligator snapper is one the largest freshwater turtles
in the world!!!!!!

Karen Minckler
You don't say where these are from.
I live in Gloversville,New York. at the foothills of the Adrirondacks. Is this a common one for here. My husband saw one in the road of our Trailer park where we live. We have a swamp back in the woods by us. He said it looks just like this one.
Karen Minckler

Snapping turtle
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