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Adriatic salmon (Salmo obtusirostris)
Subject: Adriatic salmon (Salmo obtusirostris)
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Adriatic salmon (Salmo obtusirostris)

The Adriatic salmon (Salmo obtusirostris) differs from most other salmon species by not spending any period of time in the ocean. Instead, the Adriatic salmon is a true freshwater fish that spends its entire life in rivers. The Adriatic salmon has a long, slender body and pointed snout, which minimizes drag in the water, making it an efficient swimmer. The upperparts are greenish-brown, the belly is yellowish-brown, and the sides are patterned with numerous red and black spots. The large tail fin is unforked or just slightly forked.

Although similar in appearance to the brown trout (Salmo trutta), the Adriatic salmon can be distinguished by a thicker upper jaw and by the mouth, which is positioned lower on the face.

Scientific Name: Salmo obtusirostris (Heckel, 1851)
Common Names: Adriatic Salmon, Adriatic Trout, Softmouth Trout
Salmo montenegrinus (Karaman, 1933)
Salmothymus obtusirostris (Heckel, 1851)
Thymallus microlepis Steindachner, 1874
Salar obtusirostris Heckel, 1851
Salmothymus zetensis Hadzisce, 1960

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