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Rosy Bee-eater, Merops malimbicus
Subject: Rosy Bee-eater, Merops malimbicus
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Rosy Bee-eater, Merops malimbicus

Birds and birding in Gabon


Rosy Bee-eater
Merops malimbicus
Sette Cama, near Gamba,
Photo: John Caddick
Despite being politically stable, sparsely populated and possessing large
tracts of undisturbed habitat, Gabon is far from realising its potential and
deserved status as a premier birding and wildlife destination. Perhaps its three
most prohibitive qualities are (i) the paucity of information on travelling
in Gabon, (ii) the cost of travelling there - Gabon targets almost exclusively
high-end tourism, with no official campsites in the entire country - and (iii)
the fact that it is completely Francophone, a deterrent to many English-only
speaking birders. The first of these - and surely the most significant
- is slowly being remedied with the publication of a new travel guide dedicated
to the country (part of the Bradt guide series), the publication of Nik Borrow
and Ron Demey’s excellent guide to the birds of western Africa and an
increase in both private and commercial bird-watching tours. The latter two
aspects, however, are not set to change, and independent, budget-conscious,
Anglophone travellers will continue to find Gabon challenging. However, those
who make the effort to travel here will be rewarded richly.

Rosy bee-eater
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