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무자치 Elaphe rufodorsata (Red-backed Ratsnake)
Subject: 무자치 Elaphe rufodorsata (Red-backed Ratsnake)
Poster: Jinsuk Kim (
Resolution: 1600x1200 File Size: 257703 Bytes Date: 2004:10:07 11:57:56 Camera: MAVICA (SONY) F number: f/2.8 Exposure: 1/30 sec Focal Length: 345/10 Upload Date: 2004:10:09 01:03:18

무자치 Elaphe rufodorsata (Red-backed Ratsnake)

무자치 Elaphe rufodorsata (Cantor 1842) - Red-backed Ratsnake, Chinese Gartersnake
뱀목(Squamata) 뱀과(Colubridae)에 딸린 한국 토종 물뱀.

교보생명 연수원(계성원) 운동장 뒷편의 산자락, 충청남도 천안시 유량동 산50번지...

This series looks rather like Elaphe dione, which shares the same habitat with Elaphe rufodorsata in Korea.
Use link: 1,0 CH-NZ 2002 and you'll see a male from China which looks pretty similar to the Korean variation.

Nice photos!

Kim, Hyun-tae
녀석은 땅뱀으로 보입니다.
올리신 이 씨리즈의 녀석들은 모두다..

Red-backed ratsnake
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