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Venezuelan red howler (Alouatta seniculus)
Subject: Venezuelan red howler (Alouatta seniculus)
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Venezuelan red howler (Alouatta seniculus)

Alouatta seniculus in the Amazon rainforest in Padre Cocha, Iquitos, Loreto, Peru
Date 7 September 2006
Author Alessandro Catenazzi

The Venezuelan red howler (Alouatta seniculus) is a South American species of howler monkey, a type of New World monkey, found in the western Amazon Basin in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. The population in the Santa Cruz Department in Bolivia was split off as a separate species, the Bolivian red howler, in 1986, and more recently, splitting off the population in northeastern South America and Trinidad as the Guyanan red howler has occurred. All howler monkeys belong to the family Atelidae, the infraorder Platyrrhini (New World monkeys) and the order Primates.

Red howler
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