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red hind (Epinephelus guttatus)
Subject: red hind (Epinephelus guttatus)
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red hind (Epinephelus guttatus)

The Hiding Red Hind
Date 16 December 2010, 09:27
Source Red Hind
Author lowjumpingfrog from Salt Lake City, USA

The red hind aka koon or lucky grouper (Epinephelus guttatus) is a species of grouper in the family Serranidae native to the western Atlantic Ocean. Ranging from North Carolina, United States to Paraíba, Brazil, Epinephelus guttatus is the most common species of Epinephelus in the Caribbean.

Scientific Name: Epinephelus guttatus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Common Names: Red Hind, Deady, Hind, Koon, Lucky Grouper, Rockhind
[French] Grand Forte, Grand Gele, Merou, Merou Couronne, Vieille Rouge
[Spanish] Arigua, Cabrilla Colorada, Carbrilla, Mero, Mero Colorado, Parra, Sofia, Tofia
Epinephelus cubanus Poey, 1865
Holocentrus punctatus Bloch, 1790
Lutianus lunulatus Bloch & Schneider, 1801
Perca guttata Linnaeus, 1758
Serranus arara Valenciennes, 1828
Serranus catus Valenciennes, 1828
Serranus maculosus Valenciennes, 1828
Serranus stathouderi Vaillant & Bocourt, 1878

Red hind
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