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Far Eastern Violet Sea Urchin (보라성게)
Subject: Far Eastern Violet Sea Urchin (보라성게)
Poster: Kim Jinsuk (
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Far Eastern Violet Sea Urchin (보라성게)

Far Eastern Violet Sea Urchin
Anthocidaris crassispina

Size: diameter 4-7cm, height 2-3.5cm
Habitat: The coasts of Korea, Japan, Taiwan

They live in the deepest sea among the three kinds of sea
squirts. They live in the pebble or reef in the water. They
live on planktons, diatoms, seaweeds. They dislike light, so
that live in the shadow. They come out at night. They are
famous for the cloud-plates by articulating the gonads. The
color is dark purple. When they grow that their diameter is
over 30cm, the gonads become red.

Scanned from an old book for children, "Kemongsa Science In
Picture" Volume 21, published by Kemongsa, 1993.


Purple cloud
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