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Harp Seal illust (Phoca groenlandica) <!--그린랜드물범(하프물범)-->
Subject: Harp Seal illust (Phoca groenlandica)
Poster: Phoby (
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Harp Seal illust (Phoca groenlandica)

Plate 16. The Harp Seal. Phoca groenlandica, Fabricius.
Sketch by Henry W. Elliott. (Henry Wood Elliott, 1846 – 1930)

Image ID: figb0272, Historic NMFS Collection

Photo Source:
The NOAA Photo Library
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA)

The harp seal or saddleback seal (Pagophilus groenlandicus) is a species of earless seal native to the northernmost Atlantic Ocean and parts of the Arctic Ocean. It now belongs to the monotypic genus Pagophilus. Its scientific name means "ice-lover from Greenland", and its synonym, Phoca groenlandica means "Greenland seal".

Phoca groenlandica
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