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leopard (Panthera pardus)
Subject: leopard (Panthera pardus)
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John Macallan Swan - Leopard drinking from a stream.jpg
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leopard (Panthera pardus)

Artist John Macallan Swan (1846–1910)  
Title Leopard drinking from a stream in the jungle
Medium pastel on paper
Dimensions 32.4 × 47 cm (12.8 × 18.5 in)
Inscriptions Signature bottom right: John M Swan

The leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of the four 'big cats' of the genus Panthera. The leopard is a member of the family Felidae with a wide range in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia. Leopards have the largest distribution of any wild cat, occurring widely in Africa as well as eastern and southern Asia.

Panthera pardus
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