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Bearded pig (Sus barbatus)
Subject: Bearded pig (Sus barbatus)
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Bearded pig (Sus barbatus)

The bearded pig (Sus barbatus) is named for its distinctive beard of yellowy-white whiskers, which grow from its elongated, narrow jaw. The body of the bearded pig is slender, grey or brown and comparatively hairless. The tail ends in two tufts and the legs are long and thin. Male bearded pigs are slightly bigger than females and have two pairs of small facial warts.

Currently, two subspecies of the bearded pig are recognized: Sus barbatus barbatus and Sus barbatus oi. The two are distinguished by their beards. Sus barbatus oi has a short, bristly beard around the snout, whereas Sus barbatus barbatus has long whiskers which grow along the length of the cheeks. Until recently, Sus ahoenobarbus (the Palawan bearded pig) was also considered a subspecies of the bearded pig, but it is now considered a species in its own right.

When excited, the bearded pig may emit a loud bark.

Palawan bearded pig
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