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otter civet (Cynogale bennettii)
Subject: otter civet (Cynogale bennettii)
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otter civet (Cynogale bennettii)

Otter-civet or mampalon on display in the Natural History Museum of Genoa
Date 30 December 2011
Author Mariomassone

The otter civet (Cynogale bennettii) is a semiaquatic civet native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The otter civet possesses several adaptations to its habitat, including a broad mouth and webbed feet with naked soles and long claws. Its muzzle is long with numerous long whiskers.

Scientific Name: Cynogale bennettii (Gray, 1837)
Common Names: Otter Civet, Otter-civet, Sunda Otter Civet; [French] Civette-loutre De Sumatra; [Spanish] Cibeta Nutria
Synonyms: Cynogale lowei Pocock, 1933

Otter civet
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