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[Crop] Pygmy Nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea) <!--애기동고비-->
Subject: [Crop] Pygmy Nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea)
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[Crop] Pygmy Nuthatch (Sitta pygmaea)

From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's online digital media library.
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Title: Pygmy Nuthatch
Alternative Title: Sitta pygmaea
Creator: Karney, Lee
Source: WO-Lee Karney-2094
Publisher: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Language: EN - ENGLISH
Rights: (public domain)
Audience: (general)
Subject: Karney, Bird, Passerine

Table Of Contents: Our smallest nuthatch, about 4 inches long, the pygmy nuthatch is a resident of mountain pinelands in the West. Digging their own cavity in a dead tree or rotting stump or recycling an old woodpecker hole, a pair of pygmy nuthatches will raise 5 to 6 young. In fall and winter, pygmy nuthatches drift through the treetops in large and noisy flocks, often in the company of chickadees and titmice. At night, groups of as many as 100 birds will roost in a single cavity.

Available: April 09 2004
Issued: April 06 2004
Modified: April 09 2004

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