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white-necked puffbird (Notharchus hyperrhynchus)
Subject: white-necked puffbird (Notharchus hyperrhynchus)
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white-necked puffbird (Notharchus hyperrhynchus)

English: White-necked Puffbird (Notharchus hyperrhynchus)
Date 20 June 2009

The white-necked puffbird (Notharchus hyperrhynchus) is a species of puffbird in the family Bucconidae. It is found in forest and woodland from southern Mexico through Central America to the Chocó, northern Colombia (including Magdalena Valley), northern Venezuela, and the western and southern Amazon Basin. It was formerly considered a subspecies of the Guianan puffbird (N. macrorhynchos). The two differ markedly in bill-size (N. hyperrhynchus larger-billed than N. macrorhynchos), plumage (among other things, N. hyperrhynchus has less black to the flanks and more white to the forecrown than N. macrorhynchos), and voice. Consequently, the two were separated by SACC in 2004. Order: Piciformes, Family: Bucconidae, Species: Notharchus hyperrhynchus (Sclater, 1856), Synonyms: Notharchus macrorhynchos hyperrhynchus.

Notharchus macrorhynchos hyperrhynchus
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