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Collared Aracari - Iain Campbell
Subject: Collared Aracari - Iain Campbell
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Collared Aracari - Iain Campbell

Tropical Birding tour report: The Yucutan and Palenque

Collared Aracari - Iain Campbell

31 Jan:
early morning start had us outside R??o Lagartos by sunrise.
Immediately we
found both Couch’s and Tropical Kingbirds singing away. A
family of Orange
Orioles showed nicely in the warm morning light as Yucat??n
Bobwhites sang nearby. We had nice looks at a stunning male Mexican
Sheartail. Aztec
Parakeets and White-fronted Amazons were both common and conspicuous as
flew about in noisy flocks. A Laughing Falcon perched up high while a
pair of
Crested Caracaras flew by. Investigation of piercing screaming calls
turned up
a pair of Limpkins perched on a dead snag, seemingly out-of-place in
the dry
desert scrub. They were using nearby marsh habitat, though, and we soon
encountered other marsh birds like Crane Hawk and Tricolored
By mid-morning were we
headed out onto the lagoon. The main attraction, flame-colored
Greater Flamingos, did not disappoint. We leisurely watched a nice
flock as a
pair of Peregrine Falcons flew overhead, flushing a mixed flock of
shorebirds: Semiplamated
Plover, “Western” Willet, Long-billed Curlew, Ruddy
Turnstone, and Marbled
Godwit among them. Close inspection of gulls on a nearby mudflat proved
fruitful. We found numbers of Laughing, Ring-billed, Herring, and
Black-backed Gulls. A Kelp Gull and a Kelp x Herring Gull hybrid were
treats. Traveling slowly along the mangroves gave us some superb looks
at a
male Painted Bunting, “Mangrove” Yellow Warblers,
over ten Common Black-Hawks,
half a dozen Boat-billed Herons, and two Bare-throated Tiger Herons.
birds on the way back to the dock included Roseate Spoonbill, White
Little Blue Heron, Reddish Egret, and Black-crowned Night-Heron. Just
before we
landed we were entertained by a flock of Black Skimmers perched in
front of a
Pepsi machine and a Laughing Gull with a bright red bill and

went back to the desert
scrub mid-afternoon, and we did indeed find some new species. We found
a nice
covey of Yucat??n Bobwhites along the road on the way.
White-bellied Wren,
Groove-billed Ani, Zenaida Dove, and Northern Cardinal were all new for
trip, as was a very noisy pair of the extremely localized
Yucat??n Wren.
morning we enjoyed leisurely strolls around the grounds at the
Cob?? and Tulum
ruins, mainly taking in the architecture. Along the roads, we found
Short-tailed and Roadside Hawks. We got our first taste of lowland
birding in the early afternoon along the road at Felipe Carillo Puerto.
flocks contained a nice mix of northern migrants and resident birds:
Woodcreeper, Yellow-throated Vireo, Tropical Gnatcatcher, Magnolia
Summer Tanager, Hooded Warbler, and the gorgeous Gray-throated Chat.
flocks of Black-headed Saltators were conspicuous most of the
afternoon, as
were Tropical Pewees calling from high up in dead trees. Roadside
flower banks
provided food for Canivet’s Emerald and Wedge-tailed
Sabrewing. Two
countersinging male Black-headed Trogons put on quite a show. After
supper we
drove the road for night birds and had nice looks at a few Common

Mourning warbler
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