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musky octopus (Eledone moschata)
Subject: musky octopus (Eledone moschata)
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musky octopus (Eledone moschata)

Verany delin ex vero et Cromolit in Lit. Armanino .
Eledon moschatus
Date 1851
Author Vérany, Jean Baptiste
Full title Mollusques méditeranéens [!]; observés, décrits, figurés, et chromolithographiés d'après le vivant ...

The musky octopus (Eledone moschata) is a species of octopus that lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Eledone moschata is found throughout the Mediterranean Sea, and is occasionally found in adjacent parts of the Atlantic Ocean, around the Gulf of Cadiz and off the coast of Portugal.

Mollusques méditeranéens
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