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South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris)
Subject: South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris)
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South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris)

Fig. 128.—American Tapir. Tapirus terrestris. × 1⁄10.
Date 1902
Source The Cambridge Natural History, Volume X—Mammalia.
Author Frank E. Beddard (Frank Evers Beddard)

The South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris), also commonly called the Brazilian tapir (from the Tupi tapi'ira), the Amazonian tapir, the maned tapir, the lowland tapir, in Portuguese anta, and in mixed Quechua and Spanish sachavaca (literally "bushcow"), is one of the four widely recognized species in the tapir family, along with the mountain tapir, the Malayan tapir, and the Baird's tapir. It is the largest surviving native terrestrial mammal in the Amazon. (Wikipoedia)

Order: Perissodactyla
Family: Tapiridae
Genus: Tapirus
Species: Tapirus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Maned tapir
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