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Malayan tapir
Subject: Malayan tapir
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Malayan tapir



Malayan Tapir (Tapirus indicus), also called the Asian Tapir, is the largest of the four species of tapir and the only one native to Asia. The scientific name is somewhat misleading, as the Tapirus indicus is not native to India; the name refers rather to the East Indies.
Scientific Name: Tapirus indicus Desmarest, 1819
Common Names:
English – Malay Tapir, Indian Tapir, Malayan Tapir, Asian Tapir, Asiatic Tapir
French – Tapir àcChabraque, Tapir à dos blanc, Tapir de l'Inde, Tapir Malais
Spanish – Tapir de la India
Taxonomic Notes: Despite the wide distribution range and isolation (e.g. Sumatra) the Thai/Myanmar, the Malaysian/Southern Thailand and the Sumatran individuals cannot be genetically separated.

Malayan tapir
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