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Groetjes Trudie


Ok, take my word for this one:
This is a "magnificent bird of paradise"

Everything adds up:

the blue feet, the green breast, the yellow wing, the way his
long plumes curve, the white line behind his eye, & the ruffs
behind the neck. Everything is exact.
It is a "Magnificent Bird of Paradise".

MAn, this bird has strangest tail, ever.
Magnificent Bird of Paradise, Cicinnurus magnificus is a small, up to 26cm long, bird of paradise with an extremely complex plumages. The male has a green below, orange yellow wings, blue feet and adorned with a yellow mantle on its neck, iridescence breast shield and two long curved sickle-like blue green tail feathers. The female is an olive brown bird with black barred buff below. It lays two creamy yellow eggs.

Magnificent bird-of-paradise
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