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Abyssinian longclaw (Macronyx flavicollis)
Subject: Abyssinian longclaw (Macronyx flavicollis)
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Abyssinian Longclaw - Ethiopia 2 (17000135681) - Abyssinian longclaw (Macronyx flavicollis).jpg
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Abyssinian longclaw (Macronyx flavicollis)

Description Abyssinian Longclaw - Ethiopia_2
Date 30 March 2015, 19:14
Source Abyssinian Longclaw - Ethiopia_2
Author Francesco Veronesi from Italy

The Abyssinian longclaw (Macronyx flavicollis) is a species of bird in the family Motacillidae. It is endemic to Ethiopia. The Abyssinian longclaw is very similar in both appearance and behavior to the yellow-throated longclaw (Macronyx croceus) of other parts of Africa. It is a common grassland bird of the western and south eastern Ethiopian Highlands, except in the extreme north where it does not occur. Order: Passeriformes, Family: Motacillidae, Genus: Macronyx, Species: Macronyx flavicollis Rüppell, 1840.

Macronyx flavicollis
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