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gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus)
Subject: gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus)
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gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus)

The gray slender loris is nocturnal and arboreal.

English: Gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus nordicus) from Northern Sri Lanka (Mannar, Trincomalee, Giratele)
Author Dr. K.A.I. Nekaris

The gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus) is a species of primate in the family Loridae. It is found in India and Sri Lanka. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. The species was previously considered as Loris tardigradus lydekkerianus but Loris tardigradus is now a separate species found in Sri Lanka. This species has been divided into several geographically separated subspecies. Order: Primates, Family: Lorisidae, Genus: Loris, Species: Loris lydekkerianus Cabrera, 1908.

Scientific Name: Loris lydekkerianus Cabrera, 1908
Common Names:
English – Gray Slender Loris, Grey Slender Loris, Highland Slender Loris
Synonyms: Loris tardigradus ssp. grandis Hill & Phillips, 1932

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