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Wattlebird (Meliphagidae) - Wiki
Subject: Wattlebird (Meliphagidae) - Wiki
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Wattlebird (Meliphagidae) - Wiki

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[Photo] Bird, Little Wattlebird, Anthochaera chrysoptera. Date Aug 2005. Author Brett Donald

Wattlebirds are members of the Honeyeater family, and native to Australia. Species of wattlebird include the Little Wattlebird, the Red Wattlebird, the Western Wattlebird, and the Yellow Wattlebird.

The entire Callaeidae family of New Zealand, comprised of the Tieke also known as the Saddleback, the Kokako, and the extinct Huia are wattlebirds.

Wattlebirds are characterized by their wattles. These are bare fleshy appendages, usually wrinkled and often brightly coloured, hanging from the cheeks, neck or throat, and presumably serving for display. The exception is the Little Wattlebird, which lacks wattles.

Some other birds also have wattles, although they are not known by the term "wattlebird". Examples include the Turkey; some vultures; and several species of lapwing.
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Little wattlebird
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