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Bufflehead(Bucephala albeola) pair<!--큰머리흰뺨오리-->
Subject: Bufflehead(Bucephala albeola) pair
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Resolution: 1800x1200 File Size: 350360 Bytes Date: 2004:08:08 06:00:23 Camera: Digital Link (Applied Graphics Technologies) Upload Date: 2004:08:08 05:42:24

Bufflehead(Bucephala albeola) pair

From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's online digital media library . Check for higher quality version. Metadata Title: Buffelheads Alternative Title: Bucephala albeola Creator: Karney, Lee Source: WO-Lee Karney-3695 Publisher: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Contributor: DIVISION OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Language: EN - ENGLISH Rights: (public domain) Audience: (general) Subject: Karney, Waterfowl, Seaducks Description Table Of Contents: A small duck with a large, puffy head, steep forehead, short bill. Male is glossy black above, white below, with large white patch on head. Female is duller, with small elongated white patch on each side of head. Buffleheads nest in woodlands near small lakes, ponds. During migration and winter, found also on sheltered bays, rivers, and lakes.

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