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Gaur (Bos frontalis) <!--가얄,가우어(인도큰들소)-->
Subject: Gaur (Bos frontalis)
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Gaur (Bos frontalis)

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Bos gaurus

Most people know that cows are a domesticated version of the wild cattle that ranged through the Old World thousands of years ago. Wild cattle still run in small herds in scattered areas of India and Peninsular Malaysia, and these are the gaurs. Each herd is led by a huge old bull, with the finest horns, a sleek, dark brown coat, and white "stockings." One of this animal's distinguishing features is the saddlelike-hump on their back.
Gaurs are huge animals. Males are about 25% bigger than females. A large male will stand over 2 m (6.5 ft.) at the shoulder and weigh up to 1 000 kg (2,200 lb.). They were once hunted by sportsmen in India as "big game" as was the American bison. Because of their size and strength, and since the Indian tiger is now almost extinct, they have few predators other than humans.

Large white
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