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Straw-necked Ibis (with young)
Subject: Straw-necked Ibis (with young)
Poster: "Dan Cowell" (DanCowell@worldnet.att.netnospammers)
Straw-necked Ibises-with young on nest-by Dan Cowell.jpg
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Straw-necked Ibis (with young)



Straw-necked Ibis
Threskiornis spinicollis
The Straw-necked Ibis is a large waterbird with a naked black head, long downcurved black bill and yellow throat plumes. It has a glossy blue-black back, with metallic purple, green and bronze sheen, a white nape and sides of neck and white underparts. Its preference for grassland insects such as grasshoppers and locusts have earnt it the name of Farmer's Friend.

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