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프로와 아마추어의 차이 5 | 두루미 Grus japonensis (Red-crowned Crane)
Subject: 프로와 아마추어의 차이 5 | 두루미 Grus japonensis (Red-crowned Crane)
Poster: 도연 (
Resolution: 925x455 File Size: 194359 Bytes Date: 2005:02:19 11:44:44 Camera: Canon EOS D60 (Canon) F number: f/9.5 Exposure: 1/4000 sec Focal Length: 600/1 Upload Date: 2005:03:28 23:07:07

프로와 아마추어의 차이 5 | 두루미 Grus japonensis (Red-crowned Crane)

사진: 도연

프로는 '그냥' 찍지만 아마추어는 '돈벌이' 를 생각한다.

순서가 바뀌었나...?

--나는 가끔 돈벌이를 생각하지만 너는 가끔 딴 생각을 해 @.@;;

정말 그놈 '오리무중' 이군...

The Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis), also called the Japanese Crane and 두루미 or 학 in Korean is a large crane and is the second rarest crane in the world. In East Asia, it is known as a symbol of luck and fidelity. At 55 inches high, the crane does not make easy prey, for all that it stands out in its natural habitat of marshes and swamps. When it matures, the Red-crowned Crane is snow white with a patch of red skin on its head. This patch of skin becomes bright red when the crane becomes angry or excited. An exceptional male weighed 15 kg (33 lbs.), making this the heaviest crane on record, although large Sarus Crane are taller.

Large white
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