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large skipper (Ochlodes venatus)
Subject: large skipper (Ochlodes venatus)
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Ochlodes venatus (male) - large skipper (Ochlodes venatus).JPG
Resolution: 1600x1440 File Size: 779769 Bytes Date: 2014:06:26 12:06:37 Camera: Canon EOS Kiss X5 (Canon) F number: f/4.0 Exposure: 1/160 sec Focal Length: 60/1 Upload Date: 2017:02:26 03:41:00

large skipper (Ochlodes venatus)

日本語: コキマダラセセリのオス(小黄斑挵、学名:Ochlodes venatus (Bremer & Grey) )、伊吹山(岐阜県揖斐川町)にて
English: Ochlodes venatus, male, in Mount Ibuki, Ibigawa, Gifu prefecture, Japan.
Date 26 June 2014, 12:06:37
Author Alpsdake

Ochlodes venatus is a skipper butterfly species in the family Hesperiidae. The name was long used for the large skipper of Europe, but it actually refers to its Far Eastern sister species and the large skipper is now called O. sylvanus. There is some dispute however about whether the large skipper should not better placed in O. venatus as a subspecies sylvanus or faunus. An ICZN Opinion in 1944 noted that the genus name Ochlodes is masculine, so the correct epithet for this species is venatus. However, many sources continue to list it as Ochlodes venata. These two skippers are possibly sympatric in China. Ochlodes venatus occurs from there eastwards to Korea and Japan. Order: Lepidoptera, Family: Hesperiidae, Genus: Ochlodes, Species: Ochlodes venatus (Bremer & Grey, 1853).

Large skipper
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