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Brown Lacewing (Family: Hemerobiidae) - Wiki
Subject: Brown Lacewing (Family: Hemerobiidae) - Wiki
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Brown Lacewing (Family: Hemerobiidae) - Wiki

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[Photo] Brown Lacewing, Micromus variegatus (Fabricius 1793). Source :

Hemerobiidae is a family of Neuropteran insects commonly known as brown lacewings. These insects differ from Chrysopidae (the green lacewings) not only by the usual colouring but by the wing venation, hemerobiids having numerous long veins lacking in chrysopids.

Hemerobiids, like chrysopids, are predatory, especially on aphids, both as larvae and adults. Hemerobiid larvae are usually less hairy than chrysopid larvae and do not usually camouflage themselves with the remains of their prey as chrysopids often do.

This list is possibly incomplete.

Drepanopteryx Leach, 1815
Hemerobius Linn??, 1758
Megalomus Rambur, 1842
Micromus Rambur, 1842
Psectra Hagen, 1866
Sympherobius Banks, 1904
Wesmaelius Kr??ger, 1922
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