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Madras treeshrew, Indian tree shrew (Anathana ellioti)
Subject: Madras treeshrew, Indian tree shrew (Anathana ellioti)
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Madras treeshrew, Indian tree shrew (Anathana ellioti)

The Madras treeshrew (Anathana ellioti)
Date 22 February 2016, 07:58:28
Author David V. Raju

The Madras treeshrew or Indian treeshrew (Anathana ellioti) is a species of treeshrew in the monotypic genus Anathana found in the hill forests of central and southern India. The genus name is derived from the Tamil name of moongil anathaan (literally "bamboo squirrel") and the species name is after Sir Walter Elliot of the Indian Civil Services in Madras.
Order: Scandentia
Family: Tupaiidae
Genus: Anathana
Species: Anathana ellioti (Waterhouse, 1850)

Scientific Name: Anathana ellioti (Waterhouse, 1850)
Common Names: Madras Treeshrew, Indian Tree Shrew, Madras Tree Shrew
Synonyms: Anathana wroughtoni; Anathana pallida; Tupaia Elliotti

Indian tree shrew
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