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Tree kingfisher (Family: Halcyonidae) - Wiki
Subject: Tree kingfisher (Family: Halcyonidae) - Wiki
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Tree kingfisher (Family: Halcyonidae) - Wiki

Tree kingfisher
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[Photo] Pelargopsis capensis burmanica by Keulemans. Pelargopsis capensis burmanica Stork Billed Kingfisher by Keulemans. Source: Richard Bowdler Sharpe Family of Kingfishers, published from 1868 to 1871. Author Keulemans and Bowdler Sharpe

The tree kingfishers or wood kingfishers, family Halcyonidae, are the most numerous of the three families of birds in the kingfisher group. There are between 56 and 61 species of tree kingfisher in ca. 12 genera. The kingfishers are quite well-known: the vagueness of the counts reflects controversies in the taxonomy of this family more than any gross lack of data on the birds themselves; the present arrangement of genera seems to be well warranted by molecular analyses, although the relationship of many genera to one another is still unresolved (Moyle, 2006)

The family appears to have arisen in Indochina and the Malay Archipelago and then spread to many areas around the world. Tree kingfishers are widespread through Asia and Australasia, but also appear in Africa and the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

List of species in taxonomic order
Genus Lacedo

Banded Kingfisher, Lacedo pulchella
Genus Dacelo, kookaburras

Laughing Kookaburra, Dacelo novaeguineae
Blue-winged Kookaburra, Dacelo leachii
Spangled Kookaburra, Dacelo tyro
Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Dacelo gaudichaud
Genus Clytoceyx

Shovel-billed Kookaburra, Clytoceyx rex
Genus Cittura

Lilac Kingfisher, Cittura cyanotis
Genus Pelargopsis

Brown-winged Kingfisher, Pelargopsis amauropterus
Stork-billed Kingfisher, Pelargopsis capensis
Black-billed Kingfisher, Pelargopsis melanorhyncha
Genus Halcyon

Ruddy Kingfisher, Halcyon coromanda
Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Halcyon badia
White-throated Kingfisher, Halcyon smyrnensis
Grey-headed Kingfisher, Halcyon leucocephala
Black-capped Kingfisher, Halcyon pileata
Javan Kingfisher, Halcyon cyanoventris
Woodland Kingfisher, Halcyon senegalensis
Mangrove Kingfisher, Halcyon senegaloides
Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Halcyon malimbica
Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Halcyon albiventris
Striped Kingfisher, Halcyon chelicuti
Genus Todirhamphus

Blue-black Kingfisher, Todirhamphus nigrocyaneus
Rufous-lored Kingfisher, Todirhamphus winchelli
Blue-and-white Kingfisher, Todirhamphus diops
Lazuli Kingfisher, Todirhamphus lazuli
Forest Kingfisher, Todirhamphus macleayii
New Britain Kingfisher, Todirhamphus albonotatus
Ultramarine Kingfisher, Todirhamphus leucopygius
Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher, Todirhamphus farquhari
Red-backed Kingfisher, Todirhamphus pyrrhopygia
Flat-billed Kingfisher, Todirhamphus recurvirostris
Micronesian Kingfisher, Todirhamphus cinnamominus
Collared Kingfisher, Todirhamphus chloris
Sombre Kingfisher, Todirhamphus funebris
Talaud Kingfisher, Todirhamphus enigma
Beach Kingfisher, Todirhamphus saurophaga
Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher, Todirhamphus australasia
Sacred Kingfisher, Todirhamphus sanctus
Tahiti Kingfisher, Todirhamphus veneratus
Mangaia Kingfisher, Todirhamphus ruficollaris
Chattering Kingfisher, Todirhamphus tuta
Marquesas Kingfisher, Todirhamphus godeffroyi
Tuamotu Kingfisher, Todirhamphus gambieri
Genus Caridonax

White-rumped Kingfisher, Caridonax fulgidus
Genus Melidora

Hook-billed Kingfisher, Melidora macrorrhina
Genus Actenoides

Moustached Kingfisher, Actenoides bougainvillei
Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Actenoides concretus
Spotted Kingfisher, Actenoides lindsayi
Blue-capped Kingfisher, Actenoides hombroni
Green-backed Kingfisher, Actenoides monachus
Scaly Kingfisher, Actenoides princeps
Genus Syma

Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Syma torotoro
Mountain Kingfisher, Syma megarhyncha
Genus Tanysiptera, Paradise kingfishers

Little Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera hydrocharis
Common Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera galatea
Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera ellioti
Biak Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera riedelii
Numfor Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera carolinae
Red-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera nympha
Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera danae
Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Tanysiptera sylvia
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Halcyon senegaloides
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