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Illustrated Index of British Shells. Plate XXI.
Subject: Illustrated Index of British Shells. Plate XXI.
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Illustrated Index of British Shells. Plate XXI.

Illustrated Index of British Shells. Plate XXI.
Fig. Name in text Accepted name (2013)
1, 2 Limnæus pereger Müller Radix labiata
3 Limnæus stagnalis Linnaeus Lymnaea stagnalis
4 Limnæus palustris Müller Stagnicola palustris
5 Limnæus auricularius Linnaeus Radix auricularia
6 Limnæus acutus Jeffreys Radix auricularia (?)
7 Limnæus truncatulus Müller Galba truncatula
8 Limnæus glaber Müller Omphiscola glabra
9 Limnæus involutus Harvey Myxas glutinosa
10 Limnæus glutinosus Müller Myxas glutinosa
11 Limnæus Burnetti Alder Radix labiata
12 Physa hypnorum Linnaeus Aplexa hypnorum
13 Physa fontinalis Linnaeus Physa fontinalis
14, 15 Ancylus fluviatilis Müller Ancylus fluviatilis
16, 17 Ancylus oblongus Lightfoot not matched
18 Planorbis corneus Linnaeus Planorbarius corneus
19 Planorbis albus Müller Gyraulus albus
20 Planorbis glaber Jeffreys Gyraulus laevis
21 Planorbis nautileus Linnaeus Gyraulus crista
22 Planorbis contortus Linnaeus Bathyomphalus contortus
23 Planorbis carinatus Müller Planorbis carinatus
24 Planorbis marginatus Draparnaud Hippeutis complanatus
25 Planorbis Vortex Linnaeus Anisus vortex
26 Planorbis spirorbis Linnaeus Anisus spirorbis
27 Planorbis nitidus Müller Segmentina nitida
28 Planorbis lacustris Lightfoot Segmentina nitida
Date 1859
Accepted names from AnimalBase and Worldwide Mollusc Species Database
Author George Brettingham Sowerby II (1812–1884)   

Gyraulus laevis
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