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Centrophorus moluccensis, Smallfin gulper shark
Subject: Centrophorus moluccensis, Smallfin gulper shark
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Centrophorus moluccensis, Smallfin gulper shark

Centrophorus moluccensis
Date 1911
Source Zoological results of the fishing experiments carried out by F.I.S. "Endeavor" 1909-10 under H.C. Dannevig
Author A. R. Mc Culloch

The smallfin gulper shark, Centrophorus moluccensis, is a medium-sized deepwater dogfish in the Centrophoridae family. The smallfin gulper is found in the western Indian Ocean off South Africa and Mozambique, and the western Pacific off Honshū, Japan, Indonesia, New Hebrides, New Caledonia, and southern Australia. Order: Squaliformes, Family: Centrophoridae, Genus: Centrophorus, Species: Centrophorus moluccensis (Bleeker, 1860).

Gulper shark
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