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Wolverine (Gulo gulo) <!--울버린(구즈리)-->
Subject: Wolverine (Gulo gulo)
Wolverine 00.jpg
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Wolverine (Gulo gulo)

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Subject: Re: Need a Wolverine Pic. - wolverine 00.jpg
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 14:21:53 GMT

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Very nice web-page but it would be helpful if you also had the scientific names as well.
Wolverine = Gulo gulo

The wolverine (Gulo gulo), also referred to as the glutton, carcajou, skunk bear, or quickhatch, is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae. The wolverine is found primarily in remote reaches of the Northern boreal forests and subarctic and alpine tundra of the Northern Hemisphere, with the greatest numbers in northern Canada, the US state of Alaska, the mainland Nordic countries of Europe, and throughout western Russia and Siberia.

Scientific Name: Gulo gulo (Linnaeus, 1758)
Common Names: Wolverine, gutton, skunk bear; [French] Glouton, carcajou; [Spanish] Glotón
Gulo luscus Linnaeus, 1758
Mustela gulo Linnaeus, 1758
Ursus luscus Linnaeus, 1758

Gulo gulo
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