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Arabian carpetshark (Chiloscyllium arabicum)
Subject: Arabian carpetshark (Chiloscyllium arabicum)
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Arabian carpetshark (Chiloscyllium arabicum)

Like other bottom-dwelling shark species, the Arabian carpetshark (Chiloscyllium arabicum) does not require a streamlined body for rapid movement, as it tends to spend much of its time lying on the ocean floor. Instead, its head and body are relatively broad and flat, the eyes are moderately large and the snout is fairly thick and rounded. The two large, spineless dorsal fins of the Arabian carpetshark have an almost straight back edge and are located at the rear of the body, towards the tail. In this species, the base of the second dorsal fin is usually longer than the first, and is one of the features used to differentiate between the Arabian carpetshark and the similar-looking grey bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium griseum). A further distinguishing feature is the presence of ridges on the back of the Arabian carpetshark. Both the anal fins and the caudal fin are small as, unlike in many other shark species, they are not needed to create powerful tail flicks for rapid propulsion. Carpetsharks typically have a variety of colourful markings and cryptic patterning, including splotches, spots and sometimes bodily frills or fronds, all of which aid camouflage. However, throughout all stages of its life the Arabian carpetshark is almost plain brown, and generally lacks a distinctive colour pattern. However, the edges of the fins are sometimes an orange hue, and the fins of the juvenile shark are usually decorated with a few light spots

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