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green-head ant (Rhytidoponera metallica)
Subject: green-head ant (Rhytidoponera metallica)
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Rhytidoponera metallica in Australian insects Froggatt 1907  - green-head ant (Rhytidoponera metallica).png
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green-head ant (Rhytidoponera metallica)

Plate Xll'.—HYMEXOPTERA. In Australian Insects by W.W. Froggatt, published in 1907. Image has been slightly modified to remove external features on other ants. Derives from this image.
Date 1907
Author Froggatt, W. W.

The green-head ant (Rhytidoponera metallica), also known as the green ant or metallic pony ant, is a species of ant that is endemic to Australia. It was described by British entomologist Frederick Smith in 1858 as a member of the genus Rhytidoponera in the subfamily Ectatomminae. Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Formicidae, Subfamily: Ectatomminae, Genus: Rhytidoponera, Species: Rhytidoponera metallica (Smith, 1858).
Chalcoponera pulchra Clark, 1941
Ponera metallica F. Smith, 1858
Rhytidoponera caeciliae H. Viehmeyer, 1924
Rhytidoponera purpurascens Wheeler, W.M., 1915
Rhytidoponera varians Crawley, 1922

Green ant
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