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Bachman's Sparrow (Aimophila aestivalis) - Wiki
Subject: Bachman's Sparrow (Aimophila aestivalis) - Wiki
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Bachman's Sparrow (Aimophila aestivalis) - Wiki

Bachman's Sparrow
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[Photo] Bachman’s Sparrow (Aimophila aestivalis). Daniel Berganza took this picture in Kissimmie Area, Florida.

Bachman's Sparrow, Aimophila aestivalis, is a small sparrow.

Adults have rufous brown upperparts and crown with grey and black streaking on the nape, back and primaries. The face is gray with a rufous brown eyestripe. It has buff colored breast and whitish belly.

Their breeding habitat is open pine forests of the southestern United States. The domed nest is usually built on the ground near a clump of grass or a bush. Females lay 3-5 eggs.

Bachman's Sparrow is primarily a non-migratory resident, but it may retreat from some of the most northerly territories. The species is mainly a seedeater, but it will also take some insects.

This bird is considered near threatened, with habitat loss one of the major factors often cited in its decline. Habitat degredation due to later stages of forest succession has also been attributed to the decline of this species. Prescribed forest burns may assist in recovery.

The song begins as a clear whistle, followed by a short trill. This species was named in honor of Reverend John Bachman.
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