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Lord Howe pigeon (Columba vitiensis godmanae)
Subject: Lord Howe pigeon (Columba vitiensis godmanae)
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Lord Howe pigeon (Columba vitiensis godmanae)

Painting of the Lord Howe Island Pigeon, by George Raper
Date 1780s or 1790s
Author Georger Raper

The Lord Howe pigeon (sometimes white-throated pigeon), Columba vitiensis godmanae, was a subspecies of the metallic pigeon which existed on Lord Howe Island. It became extinct in the 1850s. Order: Columbiformes, Family: Columbidae, Genus: Columba, Species: Columba vitiensis (metallic pigeon), Subspecies: Columba vitiensis godmanae (Mathews, 1915).
Raperia godmanae
Janthoenas godmanae

George raper
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