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(Symbiosis) Caterpillar and Ants <!--애벌레와 개미의 공생-->
Subject: (Symbiosis) Caterpillar and Ants
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(Symbiosis) Caterpillar and Ants

From: Martin Kramer
Subject: Re: ant - ants_and_caterpillar.jpg
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:33:57 +0200

>I'm looking for ant's pictures ? Can you help me?
>Thank you

"SYMBIOTIC PARTNERSHIP between this caterpillar and ants is beneficial to both species. A variety of adaptations, including attractive songs or acoustic signals, enable the caterpillar to exploit the territoriality and the food-gathering instincts of the ants. This caterpillar is sipping sweet fluid from an extrafloral nectary on a plant while ants tend it."

Scanned from Scientific American

Martin Kramer


Gathering ant
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