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Microcosmos\Gathering Ants [2/3] - 189.jpg (1/1) (Video Capture)
Subject: Microcosmos\Gathering Ants [2/3] - 189.jpg (1/1) (Video Capture)
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Microcosmos\Gathering Ants [2/3] - 189.jpg (1/1) (Video Capture)

The gathering ant works very hard even under the scarching sun.
In order to survive in the dog-eat-dog world where the competition
for food is fierce, the ants must diligently gather seeds.
The gathering ants are experts at collecting seeds: Suflower, peanut
seeds, and pine seeds and other varieties.
People once thought the these gathering ants cultivated plants and
collected their seeds, but this proved to be only a myth.
Among the gathering ants is an exceptionally big worker ant that
is in charge of breaking the hard seeds with its strong jaw.
At the entrance of the gathering ants' nest is an inspection
chamber which the worker ants with seeds must successfully pass
through in order to get the storage chamber. There are worker
ants in the storage chamber whose job is to nibble on seeds all
day to make food. If a seed puts forth a bud, ants throw it
outside the nest and later collect the seeds from the sprout.

Gathering ant
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