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Lepidophanes guentheri, Günther's lanternfish
Subject: Lepidophanes guentheri, Günther's lanternfish
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Lepidophanes guentheri, Günther's lanternfish

Lepidophanes guentheri. From plate 24 of Oceanic Ichthyology by G. Brown Goode and Tarleton H. Bean, published 1896.


Lepidophanes guentheri, Günther's lanternfish, is a species first described by Goode and Bean, 1896 Lepidophanes guentheri included in the genus Lepidophanes and family Lanternfishes (Myctophidae).
Order: Myctophiformes
Family: Myctophidae
Genus: Lepidophanes
Species: Lepidophanes guentheri (Goode & Bean, 1896)
Lampanyctus melanothorax Parr, 1928
Myctophum guentheri (Goode & Bean, 1896)
Macrostoma guentheri (Goode & Bean, 1896)
Lampanyctus guentheri Goode & Bean, 1896)

Günther's lanternfish
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