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Heterometrus indus, giant forest scorpion
Subject: Heterometrus indus, giant forest scorpion
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Heterometrus indus 1800 - Heterometrus indus, giant forest scorpion.jpg
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Heterometrus indus, giant forest scorpion

Description Heterometrus indus
Date 1800
Source Plate 5 from Natursystem der Ungeflügelten Insekten
Author J. F. W. Herbst

Heterometrus indus, the Giant forest scorpion, is a species of scorpions belonging to the family Scorpionidae. It is found only in India and Sri Lanka. It is known to as a fierce carnivorous arthropod for small animals. Order: Scorpiones, Family: Scorpionidae, Genus: Heterometrus, Species: Heterometrus indus (DeGeer, 1778).

Forest scorpion
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