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Fishing cat (Felis viverrina)
Subject: Fishing cat (Felis viverrina)
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Fishing cat (Felis viverrina)

The fishing cat is a “small” cat of medium size and stocky build, with short legs and a short tail, and a face that is round but elongated. Their scientific name comes from their viverrine or civet-like appearance rather than any adaptation for fishing. They have an olive gray coat which has a pattern of rows of parallel black spots which will often form stripes on their back. Females are noticeably smaller than males. A major difference between the fishing cat and its relatives is that its claws do not fully retract, the tips remaining sticking out a little from the sheath of skin they have on their toes, whereas most cats can retract their claws completely when they are not using them, in order to stop them from becoming blunt.

Felis viverrina
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