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Japanese wood pigeon (Columba janthina)
Subject: Japanese wood pigeon (Columba janthina)
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Columba (Carpophaga) janthina Fauna Japonica - Japanese wood pigeon (Columba janthina).jpg
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Japanese wood pigeon (Columba janthina)

English: An illustration of a Japanese Wood Pigeon (Columba (Carpophaga) janthina) from Fauna Japonica
Date 1842
Author Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796–1866)

The Japanese wood pigeon (Columba janthina) is a species of bird in the Columba genus in the family Columbidae. It is found in China, Japan, Southern part of Korean peninsula, Russia, and Taiwan. They are believed to be the largest representative of the genus Columba.

Scientific Name: Columba janthina Temminck, 1830
Common Names: Japanese Woodpigeon, Japanese Wood Pigeon, Japanese Pigeon
French: Pigeon violet German: Veilchentaube Spanish: Paloma japonesa
Taxonomy: Columba janthina Temminck, 1830, Japan.

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