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Land Hermit Crabs
Subject: Land Hermit Crabs
Poster: Jinsuk Kim (
Resolution: 1600x1200 File Size: 249936 Bytes Date: 2002:09:05 03:09:18 Camera: MAVICA (SONY) F number: f/2.8 Exposure: 1/85 sec Focal Length: 523/10 cm Upload Date: 2004:05:04 15:31:25

Land Hermit Crabs

Land Hermit Crab (Coenobita clypeatus FABRICIUS / Coenobitidae)- Pet store in Hanhwa Resort, Daecheon Beach, Boryung, Chungnam, Korea

The land Hermit Crab - Coenobita clypeatus is also know as the tree climbing hermit and the Caribbean hermit crab. Coenobita can be found in nature to wander the sandy shores of the Caribbean islands through Mexico. In their environment they would have a range of climatic conditions but all will be within a sub/tropical temperature range.

Hermit crabs are not "true crabs." They have a smaller, soft abdomen which they protect by living in an empty snail shell. They must find larger shells as they grow, and owners of these pets must provide progressively larger shells as their pets grow. In the wild they are omnivores, feeding on both plant and animal material.

육지소라게 - 십각목(Decapoda) 육지소라게과(Coenobitidae). 충남 보령시 대천수욕장 한화콘도

육지소라게 (카리브소라게) Coenobita clypeatus (Land Hermit Crab, Fancy Hermit Crab, Caribbean hermit crab) - 십각목(Decapoda) 육지소라게과(Coenobitidae)

Fancy hermit crab
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