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Bourbon crested starling (Fregilupus varius)
Subject: Bourbon crested starling (Fregilupus varius)
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Bourbon crested starling (Fregilupus varius)

Title: Extinct birds : an attempt to unite in one volume a short account of those birds which have become extinct in historical times : that is, within the last six or seven hundred years : to which are added a few which still exist, but are on the verge of extinction
Year: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Rothschild, Lionel Walter Rothschild, Baron, 1868-1937
Subjects: Pictorial works Extinct birds Rare birds
Date 1907
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The hoopoe starling, also known as the Réunion starling or Bourbon crested starling (Fregilupus varius), is a species of starling which lived on the Mascarene island of Réunion, and became extinct in the 1850s.

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