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European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris) <!--유럽들고양이-->
Subject: European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris)
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European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris)


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Here's the next set's descriptions (the WC series is 41 images, total,
divided arbitrarily into 12-, 15-, and 14-image sets):

All of these images are from the book "Wild Cats" by Caroline Brett.
1992, Dorset Press. ISBN 0-88029-924-X

WC.andean-cat.jpg: A small cat with a long, bushy, striped tail, perched
on a rock. 1152x900
WC.bobcat1.jpg: Bobcat on a rock wall, ready to pounce. 1024x757
WC.bobcat2.jpg: Bobcat at rest by a tree trunk. 1152x795
WC.caracal.jpg: A pointy-eared, sandstone-colored cat propped between
a limb and the trunk of a bare tree. 1152x900
WC.cheetah1.jpg: Cheetah stalking though yellow grass. 1152x900
WC.cheetah2.jpg: Cheetah rolling on its back. 800x527
WC.cheetah3.jpg: Marking territory by spraying a barren tree on an otherwise
barren plain. 810x1024
WC.cougar.jpg: A screaming cougar in the woods. 1024x768
WC.eurocat1.jpg: European wild cat stepping onto a patch of snow. 1152x900
WC.eurocat2.jpg: European wild cat in a tree. 1024x1024
WC.eurocat3.jpg: European wildcat on snow, hissing at the photographer.
WC.golden-cat.jpg: Profile of a lumpy headed cat. 569x768


European wild cat
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