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European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris) <!--유럽들고양이-->
Subject: European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris)
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European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris)


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divided arbitrarily into 12-, 15-, and 14-image sets):

All of these images are from the book "Wild Cats" by Caroline Brett.
1992, Dorset Press. ISBN 0-88029-924-X

WC.andean-cat.jpg: A small cat with a long, bushy, striped tail, perched
on a rock. 1152x900
WC.bobcat1.jpg: Bobcat on a rock wall, ready to pounce. 1024x757
WC.bobcat2.jpg: Bobcat at rest by a tree trunk. 1152x795
WC.caracal.jpg: A pointy-eared, sandstone-colored cat propped between
a limb and the trunk of a bare tree. 1152x900
WC.cheetah1.jpg: Cheetah stalking though yellow grass. 1152x900
WC.cheetah2.jpg: Cheetah rolling on its back. 800x527
WC.cheetah3.jpg: Marking territory by spraying a barren tree on an otherwise
barren plain. 810x1024
WC.cougar.jpg: A screaming cougar in the woods. 1024x768
WC.eurocat1.jpg: European wild cat stepping onto a patch of snow. 1152x900
WC.eurocat2.jpg: European wild cat in a tree. 1024x1024
WC.eurocat3.jpg: European wildcat on snow, hissing at the photographer.
WC.golden-cat.jpg: Profile of a lumpy headed cat. 569x768


European Wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris) inhabits forests of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Scotland and Turkey; it has been extirpated from Scandinavia, Iceland, England, Wales, and Ireland. Its physical appearance is much bulkier than that of the African Wildcat and the Domestic Cat. The thick fur and size are distinguishing traits; the Wildcat normally would not be mistaken for the Domestic Cat. In contrast to the Domestic Cat, it is most active in the daytime.
European Wild Cat (Felis silvestris silvestris)

European wild cat
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