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Re: Fox??
Subject: Re: Fox??
Poster: "Trudie" (
Euroepan Red Fox-from-Netherland-TR-by Trudie Waltman.jpg
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Re: Fox??

This kind of foxes we have in The Netherlands. I think that the coat is =
more dark. But maybe it's only how the photo has been taken.;-))

Groetjes Trudie

PontiacV8 schreef in berichtnieuws=20
> Hiya tom & all!
> And for comparison, this is the red fox here in the Uk.


European Red Fox
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes (Linnaeus, 1758)
Common Names: Red Fox, Silver Fox, Cross Fox; [French] Renard roux; [Spanish] Zorro, Zorro Rojo
Synonyms: Canis vulpes Linnaeus, 1758

European red fox
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